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During the Chou Dynasty (1050 to 250 B.C.), which was the longest dynasty in China, cooking and food decorating gained high status. Since then, the Chinese cuisine is considered both an art and craft. The principles of Confucius also promoted the etiquette of food.

The Nanyang World or popularly known as Chinese Diaspora in Southeast Asia have been influenced by the different cuisines within the territory of China such as North-western (or Mandarin) and North-eastern, Jian-Huai, Cantonese cuisine, Szechuan, Fujian, Yunnan, Hainan, and Hakka. After centuries and decades of cultural assimilation with the localized dialects and lifestyle, the Nanyang cuisine evolved significantly such as ingredients, cooking styles and presentation.

At Row-Six™ , we capture the Nanyang culture, cuisine and café and present them as an authentic fusion experience for you.