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Row-Six™ presents the Nanyang experience

Row-Six™ provides a "complete and high-quality" experience for those searching for something nostalgic amidst the metropolitan growth. And also for those seeking concept coffee and eatery that is rapidly becoming popular among consumers – love for great coffee, tasty cuisine and simple comfort. Not only will patrons be able to dine on "classic" food based upon time honored recipes from Southeast Asia, they will do so in a facility containing ample patio space for alfresco dining with Nanyang elements. Patrons will also have the option of enjoying coffee, desserts, and snack while relaxing at the outlet.

Row-Six™ cultivates classic coffee culture

The Row-Six™ is meant to nurture the appreciation for Nanyang legacy - Legendary Southeast Asian Coffee and Tea at its finest at Row-Six™ . Patrons will be able to enjoy the upscale lifestyle, sipping the best array of aromatic hot and cold beverages especially the authentic white coffee and Nanyang style cream tea that emphasize natural health element while dining on scrumptious treats.

Row-Six™ promotes authentic Nanyang cuisine

As the Chinese cuisine are generally are low-calorie and low-fat, Row-Six™ signature dishes selected from Southeast Asian nations’ most popular dishes reflect the healthy way of dining and drinking. Besides delicious mouth-watering street food from Malaysia such as Satay, Singapore offers its famous Curry Laksa, Indonesia has its Nasi Goreng, Vietnam serves its Banh Mi (sandwich) and Thailand delights with its signature Pad Thai (stir fried rice noodles). All these delightful dishes showcase the diversity and intricacy of Asian cuisine. Row-Six™ authentic recipes and cooking methods draw out the exotic tastes and aroma of these Nanyang dishes for the patrons to savour.

Row-Six™ provides simple selection and yet, sophisticated fare

The cafe is meant to be an affordable venture for patrons, one that will encourage them to return on many occasions. The menu will feature hearty fare of Southeast Asian cuisine that is frequently out of the reach of the typical city dweller or working class...out of reach because time frequently prevents them from cooking meals like those featured on Row-Six™ menu.

A mix of both old and new concepts where modern café ambience meets traditional street food Row-Six™ is the place for coffee and food lovers.