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The Row-Six™ founders believe that the rich Nanyang dining and antiquated coffee drinking should be celebrated and shared beyond the borders and traditional means. In 2010, Row-Six™ was conceived to offer patrons the charm and comfort of revisiting coffee heritage and experiencing Nanyang cuisine.

As Row-Six™ brings Nanyang coffee back to the fastest growing economic centre of the world, the Row-Six™ eatery concept became a reality in 2011. The first outlet was launched in Segambut, Malaysia in June 2011 which operates as the regional training centre. The inaugural outlet also serves as the base for expansion and development into China, other Asian regions and finally, worldwide. The second outlet will open doors in China followed by rapid outlet openings in Hong Kong and Singapore.

The Nanyang cuisine evolved significantly such as ingredients, cooking styles and presentation after centuries and decades of cultural assimilation with the localized dialects and lifestyle. The Row-Six™ is meant to capture the Nanyang culture, cuisine and café and present them as an authentic fusion experience for all patrons.


Cuisine and Culture in an urban restaurant setting, Row-Six™ is a live contemporary version of Nanyang experience.

Coffee and Charm with a hint of nostalgic Southeast Asia dining encounter,
Row-Six™ blends Nanyang recipes, Malanese flavours and Indochinese cuisines.

Row-Six™ is a reminiscent of Nanyang experience. Meant the "Southern Ocean”, Nanyang is now known as Southeast Asia with common reference to the ethnic Chinese migrant population in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Row-Six™ is about a voyage of discovery. Riding on the early Ming fleet carrying nobles and Nanyang merchants across the sea, Row-Six™ presents a hearty fare of signature dishes from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Row-Six™ is also a story of Nanyang evolution. Descendents of and ordinary folks are now able to indulge in coffee and tea heritage. Pampering senses with signature drinks and satisfying taste buds with an assortment of dishes.

Rich with cultural values of cuisine and coffee, Row-Six™ redefines café style eatery for friends and families. Showcasing traditional street food and aromatic coffee, Row-Six™ is tastefully FOR EVERYONE.