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Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans and Tea Leave

To sustain and further increase its market reputation, Row-Six™ ensures that the coffee beans used are “freshly roasted” daily and the best quality tea leaves are ‘freshly brewed’ before they are served.

Sumptuous Dining Menu

A team of professional chefs is constantly drawing up new and exciting food menu to dish up and serve sumptuous meals to the customers and at the same time establish ‘best sellers.’

In-House Technical Training & Management Support

As part of the on-going process, Row-Six will provide regular technical and management support, training and guidance to assist Row-Six™ Licensees to achieve high performances and excellence in their outlets.

Attractive, Value Added & Halal

Row-Six™ is reputed in being an authentic café which provides ‘value-for-money’ along with a mixed twist of Nanyang cuisine and targeted at all ages. Last but not least, Row-Six™ are ‘Halal-certified’ outlets.