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Row-Six™ RESTAURANT        

The Row-Six™ Restaurant is often found in the Outdoor Lifestyle Centres. These locations offer both inside and outdoor seating arrangement, based on space and availability. The average location size of a Row-Six™ Restaurant varies, typically ranges from 1800-4000 square feet. The restaurant consists of full kitchen concept with Stall and Kiosk incorporated within the vicinity.

The average investment for Row-Six™ Restaurant ranges from RM600,000 to >RM1M and is based on the location, size, landlord requirements, as well as other design or architectural fees that may be needed to construct the location.

The investment includes the initial License Fee as well as from RM30,000 -RM60,000 of start-up funds necessary to establish your business. Please refer to our License Disclosure Document for complete details.

The Row-Six™ restaurant embodies the concept of Nanyang in a contemporary setting with a full dining facility. A patron would immediately grasp the culture of Nanyang which is fully realized within every single space and menu of the Row-Six Restaurant.

A hint of Oriental influence, the source of Nanyang heritage is displayed within the terracotta elements embedded onto the walls and flooring. However, the finishing is impeccably done to ensure that the layout retains distinctive Southeast Asian personality. As such, the result is a harmonious blend of all Southeast Asian cultures.

A relaxed and welcoming atmosphere through an inspired theme of warm wood interior, colorful tiles and comfortable seats is reflective of the Malaysian architecture and culture. Contrast of beige and dark panels are signatures of Vietnamese design. Steady composition of furniture is a strong representation of Indonesian heritage. Horizontal roof stilts and ornate representation in its printed artwork reminds one of Thai hospitality. Organized layout with minimalist concept is a representation of Singapore in its most practical manner. To evoke a sense of Nanyang, Row-Six™ combines these themes into a compelling synergy to draw in patrons from all walks of life.

The Row-Six™ interior concept is undeniably at home with the nature. Earth tones emanated from the careful selection of materials spanning furniture and finishing. Attentive details are given to the lighting, soft tones to set a light and relaxing mood and yet bright enough to allow patrons to dine with comfort. Illustrated posters displayed throughout the restaurant are signature representation of Row-Six™, meant to capture the spirit of Southeast Asian cuisine and lifestyle.

Attentive details are evident when one steps into the restaurant. Our signature dishes with competitive pricing would be integral to the success of the business. With careful selection of menus churned out by experienced culinary team, patrons can be assured that we spare no compromise on the freshness and quality of the meals.

Diners who choose to spend quality time on their own or with friends and even business meetings can enjoy snacks and drinks with unique originality, organic components and most of all, tasty in every bite and satisfying in every sip.