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Row-Six™ STALL  

The Row-Six™ Station/Stall is recognized as a storefront style location that is designed to fit into the typical shopping centre retail store framework. These locations are often located in heavy traffic areas of shopping centres. The Kiosk is incorporated within the stall with a limited set of menu and dining facility.

The average investment for Row-Six™ Station/Stall ranges from RM300,000 to RM450,000 and is based on the location, size, landlord requirements, as well as other design or architectural fees that may be needed to construct the location.

The investment includes the initial License Fee as well as from RM15,000 -RM30,000 of start-up funds necessary to establish your business. Please refer to our License Disclosure Document for complete details.

The Row-Six™ Station/Stall is an innovative approach to provide Southeast Asian selected cuisines, snacks and drinks to patrons who prefer limited menu for ease of dining or take away. Truly unique, the Row-Six™ stall still embodies the concept of Nanyang with a limited dining facility.

The stall ensures that a patron would enjoy a delightful Southeast Asian meal with Western practicality. The best element of the stall is the open space concept, catered for busy individuals and minimal maintenance in terms of staffing and facility. Indeed, the stall concept is an adaptation of fast food offerings. In replacement of greasy fries and frozen meals, Row-Six™ offers healthy snacks and delicious meals wrapped to be served to customers across the counter. Row-Six™ also ensures that the catalogue of the food and drink items extend beyond French fries and burgers, offering a variety of meals that rivals other full fledged restaurants. It is certainly rare to find cultural cuisines available in such format.