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The teams’ aggressive marketing plan, Row-Six™ plans to open 30 outlets in Malaysia in a span of two years and 300 outlets in duration of five years. These plans that include expansion into the international market are supported by a strong team of food and beverage experts. This plan demands strong real estate development support, highly efficient management, and excellent training resources. Using franchising licenses to penetrate the market will strengthen the supporting functions to licensees, in order to build up a standardized high quality specialty coffee house business to various locations and countries.

The concept is to introduce a fusion of local and eastern cuisines in traditional shop settings with western coffee house ambience for both local and overseas markets. It also desires to promote the coffee and tea culture to working professionals and urban families.

With an effective public relations campaign, Row-Six™ is gaining wide attention among the local community. Row-Six™ believes that the good use of traditional word of mouth will promote its brand awareness among the community by participating in community programmes or events.