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Row-Six™ KIOSK  

Kiosks are often located in indoor shopping centres as well as airports, or other similar protected locations. The Row-Six™ Kiosk locations may offer the lowest investment and range from 250-400 square feet. The Kiosk is an ideal take away concept for snacks and drinks.

The Row-Six™ Kiosk investment ranges from RM100,000 to RM150,000, and is based on the location, size, landlord requirements, as well as other design fees that may be needed to prepare the space for the kiosk.

The investment includes the initial License Fee as well as from RM10,000 -RM20,000 of start-up funds necessary to establish your business. Please refer to our License Disclosure Document for complete details.

The Row-Six™ Kiosk is concise method to meet the growing needs to consume affordable quality drinks. Be it coffee, tea or other beverages, the Kiosk is an absolute necessity in complexes and eatery centres. Highly selective items are available in these kiosks which customers can take away for work, cinemas or to relieve thirsts. With minimal investments and maintenance, owners of kiosks can provide healthy Southeast Asian drinks and snacks for customers of all walks of life.